Sell your bag

If you want to sell your bag, you can contact us by the form below. We only accept authentic items in good or very good condition. Just complete the form and add some pictures. We will contact you to let you know if we are interested or not. If we are interested in your item, we may ask you for further details and extra pictures. Then we send you our offer, which you are free to accept or reject.

There are two possibilities: Either we buy directly from you, or we offer consignment

1 We buy: You make sure the bag arrives in our office. We check if the item is as described, and if so we pay you immediately.

2 Consignment: You make sure the bag arrives in our office. We check if the item is authentic, and if so we take pictures and put it on our website and social media. We do all the work, and after it is sold we transfer 75% in your bank account.

Describe your item and its condition in detail:

  • The brand/model
  • The material
  • The color(s)
  • The dimensions
  • The condition or any signs of wear
  • Let us know if you have anything that comes with the bag, such as a proof of purchase, dust bag, box, authenticity card and/or anything else.

You will receive an answer within 2 business days.

Each item shipped to us will pass through authentication process before listed in our site. Non authentic items will be returned only after payment of €60 authentication fee + return shipping costs. WE JUST ACCEPT AUTHENTIC ITEMS!!